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The Gun Epidemic, Brady, The West Wing, Theodore Roosevelt and Veneka Updates

June 5, 2022


Hi Friends,

We've read about senseless, soul-shattering loss, from Uvalde to Buffalo. The U.S. has seen 213 mass shootings so far this year, at a rate of 10 per week. 2021 ended with nearly 700 mass shootings. The smallest coffins are the heaviest. There are no words. Just, no words.

I immigrated to the U.S. as a young adult. I was raised in India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Vietnam and Bangladesh. I grew up in some of the poorest parts of our world but didn't see gun violence routinely in headlines until I came to the U.S. 

I re-watch old episodes of The West Wing sometimes and am taken aback by how its discourse on gun control, while airing ~20 years ago, is relevant today. It's eerie how much hasn't changed. 

Action is the heart of impact. Creating change can feel like pushing a boulder up a mountain. Slow, unsteady, may crush you. But action is the evidence of our values, love and duty. Proof that we are ‘in the arena’ as Theodore Roosevelt called it, and ‘spent ourselves in a worthy cause’ . 

I debated whether to share Veneka updates, but thought I should as its our ‘arena’. First, we launched a new homepage. Let us know what you think. Second, we hired two new stylists, Juliana and Stephanie. They’re incredible, mission-driven women and I'm thrilled to have them style you. Finally, we're honored to welcome Mata Traders to our roster of brands. They're pioneers of fairtrade fashion, supporting local artisans in India and fostering sustainability. 

Yours in the arena,


CEO & Founder, Veneka

P.s., you can reach me at or anytime on Twitter or Instagram 

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Shivika Sinha is the CEO & Founder of Veneka. She's an award-winning social entrepreneur on a mission to transform business into a force for good. Visit Meet Our Founder & CEO to read her story.

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