10 Sustainable & Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Brands to Love

Fast Fashion is Out

It’s no secret that fast-fashion is no good for the environment, the planet, and our people. Organizations like Remake and Fashion Revolution are lifting the veil on the fast fashion industry and what they’ve uncovered is truly shocking. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the industry’s effects including: pollution, inhumane treatment of garment workers and farmers, and constant over consumption that leaves us feeling drained.  

 So here’s the verdict: Fast Fashion is out. Let’s say goodbye to fast fashion brands that promote trends and overproduction, use materials that are ridden with toxic chemicals, and cheap labor that leave garment workers in a cycle of poverty and unsafe working conditions.

Enter Sustainable, Ethical, and Slow Fashion Brands

Thankfully, consumers are looking to support impactful businesses and spend their time & resources on responsible brands that do good. Brands are also becoming more mindful of sustainability and ethical production. Sustainable and ethical brands prioritize organic and recycled materials, natural and low-impact dyes, create mindful designs, and produce in small batches - also known as Slow Fashion. 

 We want clothing that empowers us and garment makers - clothing that allows us to look good and do good. And we want a high-quality closet that saves us time & mental energy, instead of taking them away. Find us one exciting, go-with-everything jacket that uplifts women across the world, instead of five average pieces that will keep people in poverty.

Sustainable and Ethical Capsule Wardrobes

This is where sustainable and ethical capsule wardrobes come in. Whether you're a busy new mom, rising entrepreneur, freelancing female, tech warrior, non-profit maven, creative doer, and the like - a sustainable & ethical capsule wardrobe might be perfect for you.

What's a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully curated selection of 7-15 garments that can be styled to be mixed and matched to create numerous outfits. A typical capsule wardrobe includes tops, skirts, pants, dresses and jackets that can easily be dressed up or down with accessories for any occasion.  

 Capsule wardrobes are so versatile and timeless, plus they save us so much time, mental energy, and resources. A capsule wardrobe can save up to 15 minutes every morning getting dressed. That’s nearly 100 hours a year. It’s time to embrace easy and effortless mornings getting dressed and a wardrobe that represents your lifestyle and values. 

 If you’re ready to make the step towards building a capsule wardrobe, make sure to check out our article on How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe: The Complete Master Guide. Or if you’d rather work with a personal stylist, check out Looking for a personal stylist or shopper? Read this first.

Sustainable & Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Brands to Love

Read on below for 10 Sustainable & Ethical Capsule Wardrobe Brands to Love. We’ll show you our top sustainable clothing, jewelry, and accessories brands that are perfect for building a sustainable & ethical capsule wardrobe.


Located in: Toronto, Canada 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Certified B Corporation, Oeko-Tex Certified, Low-impact dyes, Organic & Sustainable Fabrics

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, outerwear, accessories, Capsule Wardrobe Kits

Style: Minimalist, Business Casual, Workwear, Loungewear, Work from home, Travel Friendly

Price: $$ - $$$

Impact Snapshot: Female Founded, Made in Canada

More About This Brand: Encircled is a female-owned Certified B Corp, which means they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Their treasures are made ethically in Canada and within 20 miles of their headquarters. Their sustainably sourced, ultra-soft fabrics are free of pesticides and harmful chemicals, and they can back up this claim with their Oeko-Tex Standard 100® Certification. For a decade, Encircled has been specializing in innovative, high-quality and classic treasures with multi-wear designs to maximize the wearability of each piece. They're also deeply committed to diversity and inclusion. 


Located in: California 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Fair Trade certified factories & practices, GOTS certified organic cotton, Certified B Corporation

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, Knitwear, Basics, Outerwear, Activewear, Loungewear 

Style: Modern, California, Elevated Casual 

Price: $$ 

Impact Snapshot: Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Female Founded

More About This Brand: WVN crafts their treasures in Fair Trade certified factories that adhere to strict social, environmental, and wage guidelines. Their fabrics are GOTS certified and they meet the highest standards for organic materials and non-toxic dyes. WVN is a veteran certified B Corporation who has been prioritizing purpose over profit since day one.


Located in: Michigan 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Organic & Natural Material, Recycled Plastic, Oeko-Tex Certified Material, Women-Owned and Operated Factory, Ethical Production & Fair Wages, Carbon Offsetting

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, Dresses & Skirts

Style: Modern, Minimalist, Business Casual, Workwear

Price: $$ 

Impact Snapshot: Organic, Recycled, Female Founded, BIPOC, Made in USA

More About This Brand: Sonderlier crafts an unexpected twist on timeless, capsule-worthy silhouettes. They use biodegradable, recycled and organic fabrics that are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they're free of chemicals harmful to human health. Their treasures are made in a women-owned and operated factory in Ohio where, depending on skill level, seamstresses earn a living wage that's up to 75% above minimum wage. ⁠For every piece sold, Sonderlier plants a tree to offset their carbon footprint.

Graceful District

Located in: California 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Charity & Clothing Donation Program

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, Basics, Loungewear

Style: Modern, California Style, Elevated Casual

Price: $ - $$ 

Impact Snapshot: Organic, Made in USA

More About This Brand: Graceful District is a slow fashion brand that makes impactful clothing from GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainable materials. Their garments are locally made in Los Angeles. Born out of hope and thankfulness, we incorporate timeless and foundational women's clothing designs with quality that lasts beyond seasons and trends with purpose and gracefulness.

Ética Denim

Located in: California 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Fair Labor, Reduces water & energy consumption, Bluesign Certified, eco-friendly packaging

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, Knitwear, Basics, Denim, Outerwear, Loungewear

Style: Elevated Casual, Vintage Inspired

Price: $ - $$ 

Impact Snapshot: Organic, Recycled, Vegan, Made in USA, Female Founded

More About This Brand: Etica is a leader in sustainability and ethics. They provide living wages, health benefits, free meals, and ability-inclusive opportunities to their factory employees. Their factory uses washing techniques that reduce water waste by 90% and energy consumption by 63%. Etica uses plant-based dyes and recycles their used water. They also use either organic or low-impact fabrics from Bluesign certified factories, or upcycle deadstock fabric. 


Located in: Seattle 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Upcycled & Deadstock fabric, Fair Wages, Naturally Dyed, Sustainable packaging, Fair Trade

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s apparel, Outerwear, Accessories, Ethical Jewelry, Handwoven Knitwear

Style: Boho, Easy-Going

Price: $ - $$ 

Impact Snapshot: Female Founded, Zero Waste, Circular Fashion, Upcycled, Vegan, Artisan Made

More About This Brand: Tonlé’s founder spent two years living in Cambodia figuring out how to take discarded fabric cuttings from fast fashion factories and recycle them into new garments. Tonlé is not only zero-waste, they’re also ethical and Fairtrade. 


Located in: California 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Natural Fiber, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, Free-Range Alpaca, Low-Impact Dyes, Fair Trade, Reduces water consumption

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Women’s Apparel, Outerwear, Accessories, Ethical Jewelry, Handwoven Knitwear

Style: Minimalist, Boho, Elevated Casual

Price: $$ - $$$ 

Impact Snapshot: Organic, Fair Trade, Artisan Made, Cruelty-Free

More About This Brand: Indigenous has been committed to sustainable and fairtrade fashion for over 20 years. Each treasure is hand-made by artisans in Peru who are empowered with fair pay, zero interest loans, free skills training, access to clean water and more. They partner with family-owned farms to source supersoft organic cotton and humanely-sourced, free-range alpaca wool. Annually, Indigenous saves 48M liters of water, keeps 400 lbs of pesticides away from land, and so much more.  

Astor & Orion

Located in: Seattle 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Ethically Made Jewelry, Ethical Manufacturing Recycled Metals, Charity Donations, Circular & Sustainable Design, Safe Materials

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Hoop Earrings, Necklaces, Stud Earrings, Drop & Threader Earrings 

Style: Minimalist, Eclectic

Price: $ - $$

Impact Snapshot: Female Founded, Recycled, Cruelty-free

More About This Brand: Astor & Orion is committed to sustainable & ethically made jewelry. Their jewelry is made from recycled metals that are safe for their customers, workers, and the planet. They make their jewelry in an ethical manufacturing factory where they protect their workers rights and environment. 


Located in: New York 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Recycled Materials, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certified, Made To Order, Artisan Made, Carbon Offsetting

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Sustainable Accessories, Mini Bags, Crossbody Bags, Portfolios, Coin Cases, Eyewear Cases, Passport Holders, Card Holders

Style: Modern, Minimalist 

Price: $$ - $$$

Impact Snapshot: BIPOC Founded, Vegan, Made in USA, Recycled

More About This Brand: HEMINCUFF crafts sustainable accessories from recycled vegan leather, nylon, canvas, rubber and hardware. They gather leftover scraps from Artisan workshops in Italy and New York, and shred and mix them to create new GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified materials. Their treasures are handmade ethically in their Florida-based atelier and with trusted partners. For every piece sold, they plant a tree to offset their carbon footprint.

Alterre NY

Located in: New York 

Sustainable & Ethical Practices: Fair Labor Factory, Ocean Plastic Clean Up Pledge, Charity Donation Program, Recycled Plastics, Recycled Denim, Recycled Leather

Capsule-Worthy Styles: Sustainable Shoes + Footwear: Slides, Sandals, Mules, Ballet Flats, Stilettos, Boots

Style: Modern, Minimalist, Feminine, Work Shoes, Business Casual

Price: $$ - $$$

Impact Snapshot: Female Founded, BIPOC, Recycled, Deadstock, Cruelty-free

More About This Brand: Alterre crafts interchangeable shoes and sustainable & ethical footwear from recycled and deadstock fabric. They work with a Fair Labor factory in Brazil and were awarded the Butterfly Mark Award in recognition of their excellence in sustainability. The founders are active in supporting female empowerment and donate 5% of profits to Restore NY. 

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