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Shivika Sinha Veneka Founder CEO

“My intention is to create something pure and meaningful that illuminates humanity’s interconnectedness as a power
that can change the world”

Shivika is an award-winning social entrepreneur on a mission to ensure every closet is high-functioning, uplifts our planet and global community, and gives back time and resources. She believes conscious consumers (like you) have the power to fix humanity’s greatest challenges and are builders of a better world.

Shivika was born in India and raised in Vietnam, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. She witnessed the power that businesses have in shaping the poorest regions of the world. After spending a decade working with globally renowned retail brands, she decided to dedicate her life to unlocking business as a tool for conscious consumers to wield their power. 

Shivika's journey with capsule wardrobes began while working with fast-paced, high-fashion companies in New York City. She was able to get dressed in seconds while looking polished, fashion-forward and staying true to her style. It freed up valuable time, energy and budget, and she’s been a proponent ever since. 

Alongside women like Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai, Shivika was honored by the U.N’s Decade of Women and The Canales Project with a song dedicated to her life’s work. The song was inspired by Shivika’s gratitude for her journey and it’s called ‘Grateful’. You can listen to it here.