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General Information

What is a capsule wardrobe? 

A Veneka capsule wardrobe is 7-10 styles, each sustainable and ethical, hand-curated to craft 25-50 outfits just for you. A capsule wardrobe can save up to 15 minutes a day -- that’s nearly 100 hours per year. That’s time & mental energy to hone your superpower: you. 

How do I start a capsule?

Start a capsule with an elevated capsule consultation and pay the $35 consultation fee. We’ll email you a link to complete your style profile and schedule your styling session. 


Returns & Exchanges

What is your return policy? 

You’ll have 14 days after your Veneka capsule wardrobe is delivered to try on your sustainable pieces and decide what you want to keep. 

How do returns work?

We make returns easy and effortless because we know you have better things to do. Your order will contain a return bag and pre-paid return label. Simply place items in the bag and mail it back. 

If you have any questions about making a return, contact us at contact@venekagroup.com.

How long will it take to process my return?



How can I track my order?

Do you ship internationally? 



Who are the Veneka stylists?

Our stylists are real stylists and fashion experts with years of experience. Veneka stylists are creative and empathetic. They’ll save you time and energy by artfully curating a sustainable closet that empowers you to be the superhero of your own life. 

What will my stylist do for me?

Stylists will review your initial quiz and put together a mood board for you within 24 hours via text message. Once stylists get to know you a little bit, they will build a sustainable capsule wardrobe made just for you and give you tips on how to style each outfit! We make the process simple and uncomplicated for you so that you can make one less decision today. 

Can I work with the same stylist?

Yes! You can request the same stylist each time. The more you work with your stylist, the better they’ll be able to understand what you like. This way stylists can thoughtfully curate new items for you that compliment other pieces from your capsule wardrobe.

How is my stylist paid?

Veneka stylist are paid hourly and don’t work on commision. Your stylist is dedicated to curating sustainable and ethical outfits you love that empower you to look and feel the best version of yourself. 


What is Veneka’s commitment to sustainability? 

We have high standards when it comes to sustainability and ethics in retail. Each brand we work with meets our strict criteria and shares our same passion and mission for creating a better world for women and humanity. Currently we’re working on 100% eco-friendly & biodegradable packaging and offsetting our carbon footprint. 

Customer Care & Other

How can I contact customer service or give general feedback?

We want to hear from you! For feedback, stories, customer photos, and suggestions on how we can make your day a little bit better, send us an email at contact@venekagroup.com

Does Veneka design its own clothes?

We don't manufacture clothing. We're dedicated to helping impactful businesses grow. If you have any feedback for us email contact@venekagroup.com.



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