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Why We Exist

Our Style Philosophy

A woman with style is authentic, empowered and the fullest version of herself. Style is creative expression of her magic and the future she wants for the world. She’s her own superhero. Her closet supports her life, not the way around. Real style isn’t about what you wear.


The Power in Getting Dressed

Getting dressed is a deeply personal and creative ritual that prepares us to face our days, expresses who we are and creates the change we wish for the world. In this space, we transform into sheroes. Veneka means ‘to illuminate’ in Shona (a Zimbabwean language), and we exist illuminate the power in this daily ritual and unleash its potential for humanity and our planet.


Taking Our Closets Back

We believe that capsule wardrobes can give us time, mental energy and resources, instead of taking them away. The most successful people in the world don’t spend time deciding what to wear, and neither should we. Those minutes we’ve spent staring at our closets add up to hours each year and we want them back.

We’re anti-endless closet, and believe in craftsmanship over quantity. Find us one exciting, go-with-everything jacket that uplifts women across the world, instead of five average pieces that will keep people in poverty.

Changing the World

We believe the best brands are both sustainable and ethical, and we shouldn’t have to choose between saving our planet or humanity. We believe it’s worth creating the highest standards for impact in the industry and that every capsule wardrobe should create a ripple-effect of positive change across the world. We believe that wearing your values is empowering and the ultimate feminist statement.