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Entrepreneurship, Veneka Updates, 14 Peaks and Being only 45% F***ed


Hi Friends,

Usually, when I begin writing this letter I have all three: strong feelings, formed ideas or stories and a well of inspiring nuggets to pick from. This letter is different. This week, I am filled with questions and the beginning but not the conclusion of stories. 

Veneka is at a pivotal crossroads. We’ve realized that what got us this far won’t help us grow. We’re making decisions about what aspects of our experience and processes to keep and which ones to let go of. Essentially, we're re-engineering our business. I won’t sugar coat it - this is among the most nerve wracking phases of my entrepreneurial journey. We’re a small team funded by my savings and your patronage. Every dollar of profit is re-invested into the company. These changes require upfront investments but I know they're going to help us nail your style, better integrate your feedback, visualize your capsule and much more. They will help us accelerate our mission to ensure every closet supports wellbeing and ease while making a difference to our planet and global community. Still, everyday feels like re-engineering a ship’s engine while it’s on the open ocean. I walk around like the ‘this is fine’ meme below. I remind myself what Nirmal Purja said in ‘14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’ - “when you think you're f***ed you're actually only about 45% f***ked”. Comforting like a warm blanket. 

I wish this paragraph was a hero's ending but we’re in the thick of it. We’re whiteboarding, testing, reviewing, overthinking, brainstorming and continuously telling ourselves ‘we’re only 45% f***ed’. 

If any of you have expertise in machine learning, product development or engineering, I’d love to pick your brain about what we’re building. Also, I'd love to know how you deal with pressure. What are some coping mechanisms you've come up with? I'd love to learn from you. 

The process of creation is confusing, daunting, filled with uncertainty and fear. This is the path and we walk through all its peaks and valleys. Creating something out of nothing is a uniquely human experience. We build things, ideas, cultures and companies from the stories we tell. A spark of imagination leads to a torrent of happenings. In this place of constant creation, the mountain is shaped. Treeline will clear and hopefully then, we can sit and enjoy the view. Until then, we'll continue to build and rebuild a path to a better world.

Your friend who is only 45% f***ed, 

Shivika CEO & Founder, Veneka

P.s., you can reach me at or anytime on Twitter or Instagram 

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About the author


Shivika Sinha is the CEO & Founder of Veneka. She's an award-winning social entrepreneur on a mission to transform business into a force for good. Visit Meet Our Founder & CEO to read her story.

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