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Shop Any Look Sustainably & Ethically

Upload a screenshot of any style you love and our tool will find sustainable, ethical and cruelty-free lookalikes.

Love an outfit you saw on a celebrity, influencer or brand? Get the impactful version of it in four quick steps.

1. Screenshot a look you love

Click on the camera button below. Laptop recommended.

2. Upload a clear, cropped photo

Minimize the background. PNG or JPG only.

3. Filter your preferences

Below the pic, you'll see filters. Select all your sizes (e.g. XS, 2, 27)

4. Refine & Shop

Dots may appear on your pic. Click them to focus on a style. Shop the treasues you love.

Click on the Camera

We recommend a laptop or tablet
Looks We've Tried

Madewell jeans, JLO's sweater, the Duchess' color, J. Crew blouses... the possibilities are endless