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Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder

About Veneka

Veneka is a personalized sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free capsule wardrobe styling service. We’re on a mission to ensure every closet is high-functioning, gives its owner back time and energy while creating a positive ripple effect. There’s a dormant power lying in the simple ritual of getting dressed, and we exist to unlock it. In brief, we’re changing the world, one closet at a time.

Fashion is among the top industrial contributors to climate change and the greatest exploiters of people (particularly women) on the planet. We’ve created the most stringent standards for impact in the retail industry. 

We’re seeking a COO / Co-Founder to take ownership of building scalable systems and processes, new styling solutions, brand partnerships and much more. Co-create a monastic work culture that encourages everyone to live their fullest lives.

We have product-market fit and customers rave about their experience with us. If you’re passionate about using your work as a vehicle for meaningful change, we’d love to hear from you. 

About the COO role

This role will partner directly with the Founder & CEO to realize Veneka’s mission. We are looking for a COO / Co-Founder level hire. 


  • Architect new processes for managing day-to-day customer, stylist and brand partner needs 
  • Manage customer service to provide a stellar experience to clients
  • Aggressively on-board new brand partners, manage monthly accounting and reporting, and liaise as main point of contact
  • Create operational excellence in inventory management and solutions, including drop shipping and affiliate partnerships 

Product Management

  • Partner with CEO to build a centralized styling tool to provide product recommendations to stylists
  • Manage and execute product roadmap for creating outfit tools that help clients get dressed and effectively utilize their capsules
  • Research and launch web enhancements including solutions for A/B testing, improvements in site speed, enhanced customer accounts, and more
  • Identify roadblocks in business processes and execute solutions as needed
  • Support technology and product needs across the business 

HR & Finance 

  • Manage financial business needs
  • Execute monthly and weekly report business reports
  • Execute ad hoc business analysis
  • Lead search for engineering team

Company Values:

  • Compassion Above All: Compassion for our clients, partners and each other is our north star
  • Intellectualism is Celebrated: We reason from first principles and value knowledge 
  • Unleash Creativity: Creativity is the fulcrum of potential. Unleash yours 
  • Work as Service: We are servants to a better world. We work without ego and with humility 


  • Change the world, one closet at a time
  • Meaningful equity and an equity-only position
  • Join an asynchronous, fully remote organization
  • Help craft a culture that proves living a full, balanced life and reaching professional potential aren’t mutually exclusive
  • Partner with the CEO & Founder to build a fast-growing retail business

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Excited about working with very early stage startups 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: thrive in a place where change and action-orientation are the norm
  • Builder: blank canvases excite you; you enjoy the process of making something and iterating
  • Excellent written communication skills, and desire to thrive in a remote, asynchronous workplace 
  • Project-management: organized, disciplined, systemic and relentless in getting things done


  • You are passionate about changing the fashion industry into a force for good
  • You understand the planetary and ethical impact of fashion
  • Have hope for and in humanity, and believe change is possible


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