Niki Cohen

Welcome back, Niki! I loved putting together this first draft of your curation! This is not a new capsule. Instead, each item is selected because it pairs seamlessly with the treasures you already own from us, and will therefore help build you a high functioning capsule closet over time. I chose a colorful palette for this curation and was sure to avoid colors like black and beige since I know that you're not a fan. This curation includes pieces that I think will be a great fit for your boho wardrobe and should be easy to mix and match. I tried to stick to pieces under $100 as much as possible, but let me know if you're open to seeing options over that amount. 

Click on the icon at the bottom right of this screen to give me feedback, which I'll use to update and finalize your curation. I recommend a laptop or desktop for an easier experience. If you'd prefer a live 1:1 text messaging session with, click here to book it.



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