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Michelle Anderson

Hi Michelle! I loved putting together your capsule. I curated 14 items that create over 40 outfits, inspired by the moodboard.

I made some changes based on the feedback that you gave me and added more grey and black tops. I wasn't able to find any skirts and dresses available right now within your budget, but I did include the Alicia Dress and Verena Skirt for you to check out because I thought they were similar to what you're looking for. I'll definitely keep an eye out for any fit and flare or a-line dresses that are under $100 though! :)

To find your perfect fit across the capsule, click “What’s My Size” to input your measurements into any item. 

Check out directly from your capsule or text with feedback. Shipping and returns are free and easy. Your $35 fee is applied towards anything you keep. 

Stylists at Veneka are paid hourly so we're incentivized to give the best curation and advice. I'm happy to swap things out, help you shortlist, and more.  

Warmly - Avery


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