Lightweight Relaxed Sweater in Light Gray

AD2228P01MGC002XS $98.00

The Lightweight Relaxed Sweater is made with 100% Organic Pima Cotton, some of the finest fibers in the world with its unbeatable soft texture and long-lasting luxury.

This organic sweater is a versatile staple-piece that looks beautiful when worn simply and can be joyfully dressed up to meet any occasion.

  • Made Fair Trade in Peru
  • 100% Organic Pima Cotton
  • Hand wash cold. delicate cycle with cold water

Your perfect fit varies among brands. Use the size recommender, located below this product’s price, to find your fit. You’ll find the size chart there too. 

If you have any questions, please text your stylist at (415) 853-9964.

The Lightweight Relaxed Sweater has a lightweight, relaxed fit.
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