The Veneka Standard

We want the best — for the planet and those that inhabit it. Finding the best pieces to build a capsule wardrobe requires strict standards. So we've created a most stringent in the retail industry.

Every single item we curate meets all three criteria: sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free.


To be curated in our capsules, each piece must meet all three criteria 

Sustainable Fabrics




Sustainable fashion starts with earth-friendly fabrics and mindful production. We curate garments manufactured in certified sustainable factories and/or made of low-impact, organic, biodegradable, or recycled materials. Use of polyester and stretch fabrics is kept to a minimum. 


People are a vital part of clothing production. And they deserve fair wages and safe working conditions. Every piece we select for your capsule is Fair Trade-certified or crafted transparently, abiding by stringent, globally-recognized labor standards.


We believe compassion should extend to animals as well. You won’t find fur or leather here. And where there is wool there is a way: we only curate pieces made of humanely-sourced wool from brands with the strictest standards for animal welfare.

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Dani F. 

"The best clothes I've owned. I feel good about the purchases because I wear them frequently plus I know they're good sustainable brands. I am the biggest fan and highly recommend this service!"

Maura H.

“I have loved the clothes that I received & wear at least one piece everyday! Veneka saves me time researching & hunting for clothes that look great & align with my values. I had been wanting to make a switch to a sustainable & ethical closet for a long time.”

Nicole H.

“Love the quality of the clothes! I'm excited to find a place to buy sustainable and ethical clothing! The personalized styling was fantastic!"

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