Cate Donovan

Welcome back to Veneka! I loved putting together your capsule and reviewing your previous feedback. I curated 11 items that create over 30 outfits. I’ve included high-quality basics with a balance of tailored and relaxed-fit pieces and pops of color that can be layered for that comfortable, street-chic look. 

Help us find your best fit by clicking “What’s my size?” on any item in your capsule and inputting your measurements once for sizing suggestions.

Your $35 fee is refunded after your purchase. Checkout directly from your capsule or text with feedback. Shipping, exchanges, and returns are free and easy.

Stylists at Veneka are paid hourly so we're incentivized to give the best curation and advice. I'm happy to swap things out, help you shortlist, and more.  

Warmly - Sunny